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MES now offers our own point system. Similar to other "pro point" systems, our point system is used to seed brackets for our online tournaments via MESLive.TV as well as our Live LAN events. Earning MES points is an easy way for teams to earn better tournament seeding and placement.


Be a part of MES Events! From handing out passes to reffing stations, MES Events can always use someone looking to help out. Volunteeer Staff Members receive a staff shirt, 3 day venue access, access to restricted areas, a behind the scenes look at how a major event works, and the possibility of working with MES Events in the future. Volunteer Staff Members also participate in a special staff raffle where you can win one of our sponsored prizes. Go HERE to sign up!

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Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. You can always reach us on Twitter @MESEvents      @MESEvents

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